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Update history

 • 2015/12/31: PARCP is open source and free!
 • 2015/05/31: Dual Joy USB adapter
 • PARCP 4.0.0 2015/03/31: New version of PARCP is released
 • PARCP-USB 2014/08/01: Potential cool project on the horizon!
 • Clocky 2006/10/11: Online documentation and SetClock screenshots
 • PARCP on MS Windows XP 2005/01/18: How to run PARCP on WinXP
 • PARCP 3.90 2002/06/02: New version of PARCP is here!
 • I am not dead. I work on the ARAnyM!
 • Clocky 3.02F with fixed bug in SetClock.
 • ConXBOOT is a free XBOOT replacement.
 • Clocky 3.02 TimeZone aware (reading time from GEMDOS).
 • A800 2000/10/03: New version (1.0.5) - source and binaries for DOS
 • PARCP 3.80 2000/07/07: New version of PARCP is here!
 • A800 2000/06/30: New version (1.0.4) - source and binaries for DOS and Linux
 • Clocky 3.10beta2 2000/06/30: fixed keyboard driver and debug version of SetClock.
 • Clocky 3.10beta 2000/06/25: new keyboard driver.
 • A800 2000/06/15: New version (1.0.3) - source and binaries for DOS and Linux
 • Y2K fixed PCFCLOCK software driver
 • MC68040 ToolKit with NOVA support
 • New version of MP3 player together with the audio device for MiNT version 0.9
 • MSWordView for converting MS Word 8 documents into HTML
 • termcap and terminfo databases.
 • Kompletni seznam vsech souboru na JoyCD01 je zde.

CeskyVsichni kdo umite cesky ctete zde!

Jo a taky jsem si zacal vest maly blog, abych si nekde zapamatoval, co vsechno uz jsem zkousel a kudy asi cesta nevede - nazval jsem ho jednoduse JoySfera.

These WEB pages were created with text editor Elvis 2.0 and the CAB, both running in MiNTOS on my Atari Falcon040.

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