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Speed records
PARCP allows you to connect two computers by special PARCP or standard USB cable and copy large files, directories or even whole drives across the cable very easily. The main advantage over similar copy/network solutions is the SPEED of transfer - PARCP can copy files faster than 105 kB/s! (that's more than 6 megabytes per minute).

PARCP is a free and open-source multiplatform application that runs on 16/32-bit Atari, 32/64-bit PC, Apple-Intel Mac and Raspberry Pi.

PARCP binaries are available for all major operating systems including TOS, MultiTOS, MagiC, Linux, DOS, Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Raspbian.

PARCP Main Features:

  • In short: PARCP can copy and move files/folders between the connected computers, and can also rename or delete files and folders and create new directories both locally and remotely. It can also synchronize system date/time and newly also run any programs, both locally and remotely.

  • PARCP is available as native 32-bit/64-bit application for four different hardware platforms: Atari ST and compatible, IBM PC/compatible, Apple-Intel Mac and Raspberry Pi.

  • PARCP for Atari is a TOS program (optimized either for MC68000 or MC68030+) though it loves running on multitasking operating systems like MagiC and FreeMiNT (MultiTOS) and can use all their features. Please note that TOS 1.0/1.2 is too old and buggy, PARCP cannot work well on it.

  • PARCP for PC is either 32-bit DOS based binary that can also run and make use of multitasking operating systems like IBM's OS/2 or Microsoft's Windows95/98/WindowsME. Or it's a native 32-bit MS-Windows binary for Windows XP/7/8+/10 that also runs on 64-bit Windows. It's also a native 32-bit and 64-bit Ubuntu binary that runs on other Linux distros as well.

  • PARCP can connect machines running under different operating systems and so you can transfer files between different filesystems. Long file names and file attributes are preserved.

  • PARCP has got two user interfaces - command line driven and a fullscreen one. Command line interace is easy to learn as it mimics FTP client commands. The fullscreen interface (see screenshots) is written to be compatible with Norton/Volkov/Midnight Commander and their clones.

  • PARCP is extremely easy to install (just unpack it) and use.

  • PARCP is very fast (see the Speed records) because it feaures highly optimized full 8-bit file transfer.

  • PARCP supports up to three parallel ports of a PC and can use all kinds of ports including EPP and ECP ones. With PARCP-USB adapter it supports unlimited number of USB ports.

  • Thanks to its Scripting capabilities PARCP is able to execute batch of commands written in plain text file! This way you can easily automate your tasks such as doing backups or installations of some files.

  • New in PARCP 4: PARCP can now start external programs (both locally and remotely). This greatly enhances the scripting capabilities. Packing contents before copying it over or unpacking an archive after copying it is now matter of one line in a script.

Questions? Comments? Then please send me e-mail. Thanks!