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  • 2017/02/25: Check out the new exclusive Blue color PCBs that have just arrived.
  • 2016/02/03: PARCP 4.2.1 released with fixes for floppy issues.
  • 2015/12/30: PARCP source code released! Yes, PARCP is free and open source now.


Latest development news are listed in the HISTORY.TXT. It's worth keeping an eye on that file because it lists the new features and fixes of bugs that the full PARCP documentation does not cover.

PARCP history

PARCP has been developed since about summer 1996. First as a simple application without any user interface that could just copy one single file from one Atari computer to another one. Soon I added the PC communication routines and released first usable versions.

At about Christmas 1996 the command line interface of PARCP was introduced. Then I have been adding new features and in summer 1997 I started working on full screen user interface (similar to Norton commander on PC).

By the end of 1997 PARCP started to support LapLink cable (for PC-PC communication), ECP parallel ports and the fullscreen interface was released to public.

Since then new features have been added to every new release (quick sorting, file attribute preserving, Archive mode and more). However the frequency of releases has dropped slightly because I think PARCP is already rather complete and stable for everyday use.

In 2014 there's been a great awakening of PARCP development thank to the PARCP-USB idea. The idea of an USB adapter for PARCP came up in late July 2014. The first prototype was working in August and after a couple of hardware and firmware iterations there's the final adapter available since end of November 2014. This pretty much restarted the development of PARCP software as you can see in the Software news above.