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Software for Atari ST/TT/Falcon


I started to write this program the day I got my first Atari 520STM. Every Czech user needs a modified system font and a special Czech layout for keyboard (Czech has 15 special characters in addition to English [A-Z]). This ACCessory modifies all three system fonts and keyboard tables. It's developed on TOS 1.2, but was tested even on TT successfully.


Later, when I found a way how to blow TOS into EPROM, I patched TOS 1.4 with modified Czech system font. With this Czech TOS the Cestina.ACC was useless, so I wrote much shorter program just for switching on-the-fly between system and Czech keyboard tables. This programs is system-clean and works even on Hades060!


I met a program called Rewriter back on Atari 800 XL. It was a full-screen ASCII editor of binary files. I found it very useful and because I didn't know about something similar for Atari ST I wrote it. It was coded in GFA Basic. The program has got GEM interface and special, extremely fast routine for searching text strings in a binary file. It's a bit old (four years) and should be rewritten into C with current higher GEM standards. Unfortunately I have no time for it..


A very simple but powerful Bulleting Board System. It's based on LazyBBS source code but I have made some changes (SCC serial ports support - so Modem2 and Serial2 work) and enhancements. The JoyBBS is fully Fidonet compatible and can work together with AtariST mailer (Semper/Binkley) and Fido mail tosser (Jetmail/IOSmail).


PARCP is the main project I am working on right now. Since it's my first program which could be really useful to many people I have created PARCP's own WWW page.

Clocky II New!

Clocky is becoming more and more a standard part of operating system, mainly because of those External Hotkey Clients. That's why I created Clocky's own WWW page.

RealAudio player

Well, not player, but converter at least. It can handle .RA files (14k4 only) and convert them to RAW sound data. You can redirect its output to AUDIO device (under MiNT) and so you get real RealAudio player :-)

MC68040 ToolKit with NOVA support

New version of ToolKit for Afterburner/NOVA users. Please try it out and let me know if it works or not on your machine.


ConXBOOT v1.01 - free (opensource :-) replacement for XBOOT. Runs on Console (plain text output, no mouse, no VDI, no problems with Blitter and 68030 instructions).

Software for MiNT

Elvis 2.0

Elvis 2.0 is the best 'vi' clone (vi is a standard Unix editor). The main features are multiple documents, multiple windows, HTML, and - what I like most of all - color syntax highlightening. I compiled Elvis 2.0 for MiNT and use it all the time :)

Virtual consoles v0.9a for MiNTOS

This is a new archive from May '98!

I have patched virtual consoles v0.8 (from Juergen Lock) to work in Falcon's enhanced resolutions. Instead of boring 25 lines with 80 characters you can work in comfortable 40 lines with 112 characters per line, for example. Also two new font attributes (DIM and ITALIC mde) are supported.

FreeMiNT kernel v1.14.7

This is a new archive from April '98 with MINT.CNF examples

MiNT 1.14.7 compiled for MC68040. It's a MC68000 source code, but heavily optimized by GNU C 2.7.2 options (-m68040 etc).

PPPD 115200 bps

PPP daemon from Torsten Lang, patched to allow serial speed higher than 38400 bps (as are 57600 and 115200 bps).

Midnight Commander 4.0

Midnight Commander 4.0 is a powerful full-screen file manager. It's developed under Linux but I have managed to compile it under MiNT.

Terminfo and Termcap for TosWin II, 7th release

Probably the best termcap and terminfo databases available for MiNT. They support all three most widely used terminal emulations: stv52, tw52 and tw100.

Supported features: Please note that the color emulation is correct only with TosWin version higher than 2.0. TosWin II's home page is here.

Ncurses demo programs

A set of demo programs created using the Ncurses library (see below). Great for testing your terminfo setup or vt52/vt100 emulation. Many of these programs run in color! Including the latest PARCP3 Simulator and terminfo database.

Ncurses library ported to TOS

My long awaited TOS/MiNT port of Ncurses 4.1 library. With this you can write your own full-screen, character based user interfaces (see the PARCP3, it's been written only thanks to Ncurses).
This package contains everything you will need, including patches, terminfo files and Readme.


a little utility for listing contents on VFAT medias (floppy, ZIP, EZ-cartridge) - lists TOS filename, file size, date and time stamp and the long file name. Comes with full source code.


Program based on PARCP allows MiNT/MultiTOS people copy files from VFAT medias to minix-fs with preserved long file names very easily.

(not only) MP3 player for Atari

This is a port of mpg123 version 0.59k that can play all MPEG 1.0/2.0 files (Layer 1,2 and 3 is supported). This includes currently favourite .MP3 music files. This mpg123 needs a very fast machine (binary is compiled for 68RC040 but will also run on a 68030 with FPU) and the audio device for sound output (or you may use the mpg123 just as a converter from MP3 to raw sample).

Audio device v0.9 for MiNT New!

You need this if you want to listen to MP3 using the above mentioned mpg123 player.

MSWordView v0.5.1 New!

MSWordView can convert MSWord 8 documents into HTML. Ported by me, should run under TOS/MagiC as well. Read the accompanying HTML files.

Linux-m68k on Afterburner040

Atari bootstrap v3.1

First Afterburner040 compatible Linux TOS loader. You need it for starting Linux kernel from TOS (or MiNT or MagiC, that doesn't matter).

The latest stable Linux kernel 2.0.33 + X-Windows patch

This is the latest release of the Linux-m68k kernel from the stable 2.0.x line.It's been patched by three of my Linux patches, so this kernel is compatible with Nemesized Afterburners040. Besides it got applied the Geert's patch in order to get X-Windows running again.

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