Dual Joystick USB Adapter

If you ever played games on PC/Mac emulators of great 8bit computers like Atari or Commodore you probably noticed that the feeling is not like you remembered it.

International Karate     Montezuma's Revenge

The graphics is pixel precise, the sound is like the original yet it's weird to play the games on a PC keyboard. You remember you used to win them using your joystick, right?

QuickShot II joystick

Do you wonder how it would feel if you could attach your old joystick to your PC/Mac and play the original games with the same stick you played them 20 years ago? And what if you could attach two joysticks at once and play with or against your friend? It's time to show your children how you mastered the wonderful 8bit games!

How to attach the adapter

How to attach the adapter II

Introducing my latest hardware product: Dual Joystick USB Adapter:

adapter 1

adapter 2

It looks like a silver rocket ready to launch and target any address you'll send me :-)

adapter 3

Sold out!

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