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Licence: Clocky has been released under the GNU GPL license. I have yet to update the enclosed documentation. For source code use CVS at, module is named clocky.

Clocky 3.02F (fixed SETCLOCK) and Clocky 3.11beta (fixed shift state) has been released on 2000/12/10. You can download it below.

Joy Clocky 3.02F

This is a complete archive. Download and enjoy.

SetClock 3.12

Fixed version of SETCLOCK.APP - download this version if you downloaded Clocky 3.02 and experienced bus errors on startup.

Clocky 3.11beta

This is a beta version of new keyboard driver in Clocky that allows you to define hotkeys that can override even operating system hotkeys (example: Alt+Ctrl+Del). Also this version should be Milan compatible. It's been derived from Clocky 3.01 and thus is a little bit outdated now (not timezone aware yet). The LZH file contains just CLOCKY.PRG, please download the complete archive of Clocky 3.02F above to get the utilities and documentation.

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