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Hallvard's Atari-launchpad
The best and most up-to-date Atari links site! Use it when you search for anything in our Atari world...

ATACK brothers
One of leading Czech Atari software groups, many useful links to other Czech and world Atari sites. ATACK is developing aFTP (GEM FTP client for Atari) and aMAIL (GEM mail client for MiNTNet). Please visit their WWW site, it's much better than mine :-)

Jay software
Another great Czech Atari software group. Various programs for 8, 16 and now 32 bit computers. Jay software is developing MSA Archiver now - with wonderful GEM shell, LZW compression and more! Visit their nice site.

Atomic Tom and Nuclear Jerry
Navstivte WWW stranku kapely, ve ktere pusobi jeden z prednich clenu univerzalni skupiny ORTHODoX.

Karel Rous of Empty Head Publishing
Karel Rous is one of the greatest and most active Czech Atari users. Visit his page right now, there is a plenty of interesting and useful informations about himself, his Atari diskzine Narsil etc.

Ashley Seabrook's Atari Elysium
One of the best Atari links page - hundreds of links, all sorted into sections and every link is with description! Marvellous work!

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