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PARCP software for either PARCP-USB or PARCP (LapLink) cable

PARCP 4.2.1 - binaries for Apple, Atari, DOS, Linux and Windows

PARCP 4.2.1 for Mac ARM - MacOS specific package for 64-bit ARM CPU (M1+ ?)

PARCP 4.3.0 for Raspberry Pi - proper DEB package for Buster and newer

PARCP 4.3.0 for 64-bit PC - proper DEB package for 64bit Ubuntu 20.04+

Download the DEB package and install it using the following command (in terminal):
sudo apt -f install ./parcp*.deb
or install gdebi (a GUI installer) that will help you.

Older PARCP binaries: v3.90, v3.95a, v3.95c, v3.96, v3.97, v4.0.0, v4.1.0

PARCP source code is available on GitHub


Allows you to transfer programs into your Atari's memory and directly execute them without first needing to write to disk. Details in Atari Forum.

PARRUN Download

RAM disk

Creates a virtual disk drive in memory. Helps when you need to copy files from/to a floppy disk that is too slow to be handled by PARCP directly. Please create a RAM disk and use it as a middle-man between floppy and PARCP: copy files from floppy to RAM disk first, then use PARCP to transfer files from that RAM disk. K-RAM ZIP archive.

If there are any problems downloading these files please let me know. Thanks!