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There are some screen shots of PARCP. First one is PARCP in DOS window under Windows95 while copying MSPAINT.EXE from PC to Atari. You can see the long file names and several selected directories.

The other picture shows PARCP running in TOSWIN2 under MultiTOS. You can see I have enlarged the TOSWIN2 window from 80 to 96 characters per line and PARCP reflected that so longer filenames are shown complete. You can also see the configuration menu.

PARCP 3.03 on IBM - copying files

PARCP 3.03 on PC in Windows95

PARCP 4.1.0 on Atari GEM in TosWin2 window (resolution 100x24)

PARCP 4.1.0 on Atari

PARCP 3.03 on Atari (resolution 96x24) - settings

PARCP 3.03 on Atari

PARCP 4.1.0 on Apple MacBook with OSX 10.6.8

PARCP 4.1.0 on MacBook

PARCP 4.1.0 on Apple MacPro with OSX 10.10.3

PARCP 4.1.0 on MacPro