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Speed records
Right here I would like to publish your best speed results you achieved with PARCP on your particular hardware. This will help other users to imagine the average speed of PARCP on different hardware and under various operating systems.

Client computer Server computer Client operating system Server operating system Speed [kB/s] Author
IBM PR233/75MHz IBM PR233/66MHz DOS DOS 132 me
K6-2 450MHz K6 300 MHz DOS DOS 124 Terry Porritt
Falcon040/40MHz IBM PR233/75MHz TOS DOS 103 me
Falcon030 + Centurbo2 PII 350/100MHz TOS Windows95 102 ...
Falcon040/40MHz IBM PR233/75MHz TOS Windows98 100 me
Falcon040/40MHz IBM PR233/75MHz MultiTOS Windows98 97 me

Please send me your best speed results for publishing here. Thanks!