Project: PARCP-USB

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As you surely know the PARCP stands for PARallel CoPy for more than 18 years now (July 2014). PARCP allows you to connect two Atari or PC computers via their parallel ports and copy large files or even whole drives across the cable.

However, nowadays PC computers do not have parallel ports anymore. Instead, USB is everywhere. Well, everywhere but in our beloved Atari ST/TT/Falcon and compatible computers. So we are no longer able to use PARCP between Atari and PC computers.

The solution for this situation could be a hardware adapter, a smart microprocessor based device sitting in a small cover plugged into the parallel port of Atari that would translate the PARCP protocol from Atari's parallel port into USB connector/cable. That cable can then be plugged into almost any computer (PC, Mac, tablets, phones, ...). Of course a new version of PARCP software would be required, too.

This page's main purpose is to find out if there is an interest in buying such device. Developing and building it would be rather expensive task so before I'd go into evaluating it I need to know about potential customers. I feel the price for the hardware part should be kept low and not exceed 20-25 USD (that is basically a sum of the parts expected to be used for building it) thus it's not feasible to work on it unless there are several tens of customers at least.

Of course registered PARCP users would get the necessary software update for free. New PARCP users would have to pay the shareware fee but I suppose I could offer a nice discount for the HW+SW bundle :-) So please, if you are interested in such PARCP upgrade and are willing to buy the final device do let me know. I will be counting you and if there is enough users I'll start looking into developing the PARCP-USB hardware. Feel free to re-visit this page from time to time for eventual updates on progress.

The "kickstarters" so far: Jiri, Gothmog, Trafo, Jungsi, Cyprian, Achim, Konstantin, Dal, DarkLord and Simon. Ten guys, good, I am going to turn on my soldering iron and start working on a prototype :-)


Questions? Comments? Interest? Then please send me e-mail. Thanks!